Oh darling, all we have is now.

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I love being the reason someone smiles. Coffee, tea, flowers, rain, the moon, tattoos, baking, dancing, London, cats and laughing. Enjoy the simple things and love more.

Blue eyes. 
Those fucking blue eyes. They were all I needed. You were all I needed. 
It was like being electrocuted every time you looked at me.
Every inch of my skin tingled. My heart stopped. 
You were all that was there.
You were all I felt.
The air in my lungs was stolen the second your lips touched mine.
Your hands on my body was all I needed to collapse.
The way our bodies fell into sync with each other.
You could predict each move I’d make. 
I crave you. I fiend for you. 
You set my body on fire. 
Too bad it began to rain. 
Blue eyes.

Green eyes.
What a perfect mistake.
Your heart always in the arms of someone else.
Yearning for every thing that wasn’t. 
Too bad the past pulled you back in.
Green eyes.

And these brown eyes are all that’s left.